How Many Domain Names Can I Register?

Wondering what the number of domain names that you can register is? Lucky for you, that number is endless! However, there are some guidelines that you need to follow, depending on the type of domain that you are going for. Let’s take Australia as an example. Some of the most used ones there are,,, etc. These types of domains are only available for Australian citizens. Therefore, these names cannot be registered for commercial purposes. Global Domain Name registration domains with .com, .net, .org, .info are very popular, easy to use as much as you wish and there are no limits or any strict rules. There are certain loose guidelines, such as the one that .org domains are mostly used for non-profits.

Why You Should Want a Domain

For starters, a unique domain name looks a lot more professional, and this might help your business. Also, it doesn’t take too much time to register and create a brand new personalized one! You can own the domain until it expires and then move onto the next one, so it is pretty easy and practical, plus it doesn’t cost a lot! However, until 1995, domain registrations were entirely free. From then on domains started at $100 for 2 years of registration. Through time this number dropped and nowadays domains can be purchased starting at $1. Usually, brand new domains will cost $10-15 per year in Australia and America! However, the most expensive domain in the world is Nigerian one (.ng). It costs $,40,000 per year.

Shockingly enough, in 1987, the 100th domain was registered, and it took almost two years for it to hit the milestone. Nowadays, 100 sites are registered every few milliseconds! However, you should definitely be careful and smart when purchasing and setting up your domain name. Even though you can switch them up and constantly buy new ones, unfortunately, the registry does not allow for domain names to be changed after purchase. Once you have registered the domain you will own it until it expires. Therefore be sure to spellcheck your desired name before you click OK and proceed. That mistake happened to Google, believe it or not. should have been, but due to an administrative error, was registered as Google.

What Domain To Go For?

In the end, you can go for whichever domain name you want. The domains of .com, .net, .org, and .info are the top four unrestricted domains, which means that anybody can use them. If you are wondering about the availability, know that .com is the most popular one, therefore it is hard to find what you are looking for over there. So, if you can’t find your desired domain there, move onto one of the other three.

Also, know that you do not need to put www in front of your domain, that is a rookie mistake that some people make. In terms of renewing your domain, you can and should do it every 2 years. You can pay upon renewal or set the automatic renewal option for registration. In the end, if you don’t feel like renewing your domain you can sell it. Just give it some time and find a potential buyer.

Different examples of domain name.

Should You Purchase Your Own Domain?

Having a personalized domain is a must for startups or people who are trying to expand any type of a business. Domains will look a lot more professional than generic Facebook or Instagram pages. Some people might think that having a domain is pricey, but it actually costs less than $15 per year, so there is no reason for you not to get it! Have fun when choosing among many different ones and just make sure you spell check everything, don’t make any typos and you will be set for the next 2 years!